Cartoon Animation – The Most Attractive & Funny Among Human

The characters, special effects and animated movies have power to create such a beautiful world as all imagined and it has attracted millions of million hearts. Those stories, roles and everything have sit on millions of people?s heart.


In 1906, a cartoonist named J. Stuart Blackton created a cartoon animation film and he named it as Humorous Phases of Funny Faces. It is considered as the earliest film with cartoon animation. Method used in this film is single frame. For one second, it projected 20 frames. After some years, Emile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie (1908, Fr.). Winsor McCay (1869-1934) established a method of technical using animated graphics. He was the first person to introduce this method and it was the first film with fully animated. His famous animated movies such as Little Nemo in Slumber land during 1911 and How a Mosquito Operates during 1912 have such famous characters which was taken from his cartoon strip and he used 4000 frames of hand drawn to bring out those characters


cartoon animation

Special characters

The amazing strange characters have special place in animated films. People all over the world might not know the Hollywood actors but surely they would be aware of famous characters of cartoon such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse becomes an icon for the people of small age and it is an award won cartoon character.


The main element used for cartoon movies is Humor. Another funniest and humorous couple which makes people laughter is Tom and Jerry. They have become the award winning team of cat and mouse for their awesome performance and funny fights..

Special effects

2D animation

2D animation
3D animation

3D animation

2 Dimensional animation, 3 Dimensional animation, flash animation and other animations are some of the special effects which used a order of images along with graphics, story and audio effects. It brings cartoon pictures and animated movies with high quality and extraordinary attraction.

How to Draw a Cartoon Online

We have to take more time for creating a cartoon and it is said to be a hobby of time consumption. If people use only a pencil and paper, the difficulty will increase.

Recent technology provides tools such as magic tools, lasso and then systems which help us to draw our cartoon pictures online at present days.

The tools above said are used to make an opportunity to show our creative and innovative thoughts and bring out the roles and the comical actors into the real life as we imagined.

So many online sites are there to allow us to create a cartoon in original. It helps us to make our own cartoon pictures as it is free internet systems. These sites would have variety of layouts to make our choice.

Those who creates cartoon have to search the websites that provides cartoon for free. We can make our first try using this website. Most of the people do not like to spend much more money to make their picture a cartoon. Avatar picture could have been received without any money. People could use these free websites in which we can sketch ourselves.

First what we have to do is to upload a digital picture with goodness in variety into any free website. We have to be careful that the size of the file of our cartoon pictures is same as the requirement of what we use the cartooning program for free. If the size is too large we can adjust according to the requirement.

We can also keep our favorite pictures of cartoon in our PCs to upload the pictures of profile with new images.

Some of the websites provide cartoon programs. The programs are based on how to sketch a cartoon picture and adjust it and customizing those pictures in several ways. With the help of one cartoon picture we are able to draw many pictures.

We can get software based on animation software from the internet for the people of more advanced. Before we decide to download it, make sure that our PC runs anti-virus software and the reason is that some sites are titled as freeware even it will be harmful to our computer.


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