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There are so many cartoon characters that seized our hearts from 6 to 60 that we saw in good cartoon movies. Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Pokémon and so on. This list grows? For those who have enjoyed the traditional animated movies new era of 3D animation movies will be the boon.

Are you waiting for the latest cartoon movies of 2012? Here is the list of top 10 best cartoon movies


Madagascar 3

Ice Age 4

Dorothy of OZ

Beauty and the Beast

The pirates! Band of Misfits


Robots of Brixton

Enchanted 2

An Animated American



The reason for the movie Brave to stand in our Latest cartoon movies is, it is going to get released in this June. This new arrival is from the best cartoon movies producing Pixar animation studio. It is based on the Scotland tale. Just as usual this movie is all about the deeds of hero and it is filled with fantasy.

The story moves around the kingdom?s king, queen, Brave movie creature and the witch. Often battle occurs between the king and his enemies. In this film director mark Andrew and his team has put their full effort in revealing the beauty of Scotland tales. Music is another plus for this animated movie.

Main character princess Merida is the daughter of Fergus and Elinor.She comes as a talented archer. She attempts to redefine the traditional custom which ends up in chaos. As the situation started to run out of her hands she seeks assistance from a witch. Merida gets an ill-fated wish from the witch.

To break all the evil forces she is experiencing so many troubles and finally comes to know the real meaning of bravery.

We can keep this in the list of very good cartoon movies

Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3

Madagascar 3 stands in the list of latest cartoon movies 2012. It is one of the best cartoon movies too. In the second place. This movie is released by trilogy. At fast this movie was titled as Madagascar 3 later it was renamed as Madagascar 3: Europe?s most wanted. I can say this movie is full length funny animation movie. Worth watching! .It is gonna be released on 8th June 2012. Director of Madagascar 3 is Eric Darnell.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax

Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

This movie is created from the book?Dr. Seuss? which was published in 1971.Basically it?s a kind of ecological-themed story. In this movie Lorax is an environmentalist. He warns a cunning business man for destroying the entire forest for cloth manufacturing. But that forest experiences a financial ruin and as a result all animals leave the forest.  No doubt this Lorux will get a reputation as a best animated character for the year 2012.

Ice Age 4

Ice Age 4

The fourth movie that stands in our Latest Cartoon Movies List is ICE AGE 4 Continental drift. In this Part Manny, Sid and Diego Starts their very innovative adventure journey right after the cataclysm. They made the whole continent adrift. This time they create shift ship out of iceberg. Manny and the team take up a dare challenge ever before. They put forth their full effort on performing a battle with Exotic Sea creatures.

Enchanted 2,Trucker and all the above stated in our list can be stated as best cartoon movies of the year.


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