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Are you curious about ?how to make a video online??

You are in the right place then. Step by Step process from the scratch to the entire short film is explained here.

Creating any animated video is made up of three stages namely

  • Pre-production
  • production
  • Post-production.

Step 1 : Pre-production

Very first process to be considered in creating the animation is Pre production. Main element of this step is further classified into Story Boarding, Animatics, Layouts and Model Sheets.

Once you are ready with the initial concepts you can start to concentrate on other things like shot sequence, camera and script.

Story Boarding

In movie animation there are tools such as video maker software for story boarding in the process of finalizing the story lines. As you all know this is an important step too. Basically it is a set of comic strips which enables you to visualize the movie animation as well as your ideas.

It should be created to uncover the details of scene and changes in the animation. Sometimes things like Camera movements will be recorded in the form of notes along with the comic strip. In future it can be used just as the visual reminder that states your original plan.



If the story boarding gets an approval it can be send to the Layout dept. This department will plan the costumes and locations with the help of director. From now on the story can be visualized as scenes. This task can be achieved very easily even with the free video maker online software.

Model Sheets

In Model sheets animators used to record the entire expressions and positions that the character can adopt. The reason for preparing the model sheets is to maintain the uniformity of characters across several animators and several shots.

Character designs are set to evolve in this stage and finalized before sending in to the production department which is the one that finalizes the character models.


Animatics is the process of merging the story reel and sound track. This helps the directors and animators to deal with the issues related to time. Now let?s move on to Production stage in our how to make a video online tutorial


Production phase consist of layout, texturing, modeling, lighting, animation and rigging. Layout Artists are the one who is responsible for creating the shot and rough animation .These deliverables will be used as a guide to the animators.

The Picture drawn on paper will reach its 3D version by using video maker software with the help of Layout artists.


In modeling there are 2 types of modelers that come into play.

  • Whilst organic modelers
  • Hard-surface modelers

Whilst organic modelers are responsible for developing the characters

Hard-surface modelers are responsible for developing the architectural designs like vehicles, buildings ,weapons and props.

If once the model gets an approval it can be used by the departments like rigging, texture. Their preparation of model will be final one for both rendering & animation. If the modeler is lucky enough the model will travel via production pipeline smoothly. However Modeling fixes un avoidable in the field of animation. In many cases the bug will not be found out until it reaches rendering stage, in such situation the model will be send back to the modeler.


Texturing artists are the one who takes care of painting textures and writing shaders according to the given scene instructions. For those who are searching how to make a video online using video maker software, this will be the interesting part.


When it is comes for lighting department it is not enough to think about the individual scenes. Their responsibilities are very broad and they have to concentrate on other department?s elements along with the individual scenes. In many movie animation companies, lighting departments includes the newest animation version of the animation, camera moves, shaders, effects and textures into the finished final scenes, and brings out the updated version in every single day.


Rigging department actually defines the mechanical object movements.

For more info on how to make a video by using free video maker online please visit the following link http://lifehacker.com/5847821/how-to-create-animated-cinemagraphs


Usually in creating the 3D graphics the same basic principles followed for 2D animation is used. If the capture technique is used at the studio in order to digitize the motion of real world actors, then most of the animator?s time will be used to clean up the performance of motion captured. UN digitized parts like eyes and hands will also be digitized during the animation.


It is the final step in movie animation. It deals with the things to be done after the shooting.
It includes the tasks namely Compositing, sound and video editing.
If you are more interested on how to make animated videos take a look at the video that helps you to create movie animation in few simple steps through the tool

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